Name this bolt...

Okay, it’s a “u-bolt”. It’s a u-bolt with a flat radius to distribute pressure over a wider surface to minimize crushing. It also resemble a u-joint u-bolt…

But what is the technical definition/term for this style of u-bolt?

I’ve tried; u-bolt; flat u-bolt, strap bolt, axle bolt… the website this image was found on is for boating accessories, this is what they term a “frame u-bolt” but nothing else like it comes up when the term is googled.

Any ideas?

Size-wise… looking for approx. 6mm diameter x 65mm length, with 50mm throat… ish.

I believe this is a Hanger U-bolt for securing piping. Although, I think your missing a flat rectangular washer that closes the U shape.

There’s a multitude of U-Bolts…

Try here:

Or here:

(of course, I’m sure, like me, those were the first two stops on the search, so those links are probably worthless)

How about custom boating-accessory u-bolt?

They seem similar to U-joint mounting bolts found on a lot of old (maybe current too) vehicles. You can find them all over under the names of u-joint bolt, u-joint strap, u-joint retainer or u-bolt retainer. I am not sure where you might get them in mass quantities other than from an auto parts supplier though.

This one should work if you cut 3/4" off the threads… McMaster-Carr

Man… what a PITA! I would have never guessed finding this clamp would be so freakin’ difficult.

The critical part that I need is the FLATTEN portion of the “U”; I’ve got a clear issue that makes the “full circle” stock too big.

The only u-bolts with this characteristic are either drive-train u-joint (too small), a couple of miscellaneous leaf-spring u-bolts (too big), and 4-5" diameter exhaust system u-bolts (way too big).

Two manufacturers contacted said, “We used to make that kind all the time, but there’s no call for them now.”

Nothing has worked;
forged u-bolts
forged-top u-bolts
flat top u-bolts
flattened u-bolts
custom u-bolts
u-joint u-bolts
axle u-bolts
strap bolts
tangent bolts

definitely not a hanger u-bolt

It may be time to fabricate these out 1/2" x 1/8" strap and TIG on some sections of bolt… more expensive, but probably cheaper in small volumes; more “controllable” as well.

That is a “Saddle U-Bolt Flat Clamp”, or a “Flat Band U-Bolt”. It’s hard to find them that small, but these guys have one with a 2.17" opening: