Name That Process..?

Hey, I have a question which may be easy for some manufacturing experts. I was wondering what process is typically used to make a plastic pitcher with an attached handle. I figure the pitcher could be blow molded or if the shape was right, injection molded, but is the handle made separately? If so, how is it then attached?

I attached an image to give you an idea of what I am talking about, but its not exactly right because this one has some extra materials on the back of the handle (the white parts). I am imagining one where the handle is all of the same material as the pitcher and it is hollow. Thanks-- it just popped into my head and I wasn’t sure of the answer.

I would need a picture of a exactly what your are talking about. In the pic you show that pitcher is entirely injection molded.

So where it pinches in below the spout wouldn’t be a problem for injection molding?

I was pretty much imagining the same thing, but with a hollow handle connected to the body, where water could flow up into the handle. Could’ve sworn I had seen one, but maybe not… I’ll try to find one.

My guess with that pitcher…

For the transparent plastic, maybe SAN, a four piece mold: top, bottom and sides. I say that assuming their is a dish on the bottom that is ultrasonically welded to the main part of the pitcher for a water tight seal.

The white handle and lid are either PP or ABS, probably snap fit onto the translucent SAN.

To achieve a hollow handle like a detergent bottle, that’s blow molded with a high density polyethylene (HDPE). To achieve a hollow handle that looks like the design below is unlikely. Not to say that a blow molded HDPE bottle can’t have a beautiful form, but it will lack robustness. You would probably have to resort to stoneware or glass.

thanks gebs, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I guess I just wasn’t sure if you could make a hollow handle via blow molding. The detergent bottle is a good (and common) example, not to mention those glass pitchers are pretty awesome.