Name that material!

Can anyone name the material used for the main shape of this mask…?

Bonus points for any more details!


Wish I could tell ya.

Got any ideas on where I could get some RPET in small quantities? :slight_smile:

In Spanish, they´re “MASCARILLAS DE CELULOSA”…anyone know the English translation?

I bet 3m would know

I had that idea myself, although I was just hoping someone might be able to offer something more objective… I´ll drop them a line!


More info:

you might poke around on this site. I just googled “FFP1”

It’s printed right on the front of the mask… :slight_smile:

Thanks all… I wrote to 3M and apparently:

Our filtering facepiece respirators are primarily comprised of polymeric
materials such as polypropylene, rather than cellulose.

Then, the response was the standard “We’re soo not going to tell you any of our secrets!” If anyone has any more info, especially on bonding the material, much appreciated!