NABA? CCA? UDK-degree?

Another person looking for school advice…

I’m halfway through a painting degree at the San Francisco art institute and i have decided to change schools. I want to pursue a degree in ID, as well as complete my painting degree. I’d love to study outside of the US, and I love italy. The only school i’ve found that offers both ID and painting in italy is NAMA.

I’m wondering what current students or alums think of it… I haven’t found much - but one pretty negative post

Another possibility is UDK in berlin - but, looking at their website, it isn’t clear if they offer a “degree” of sorts (other than graduate). Maybe it is just assumed, or, maybe universities in germany function differently. Does anyone have any knowledge about this?

I’d also love to go to CCA - i’m a little tired of san francisco, but i wouldn’t mind if i was in a good program. I took a tour there… the tour guide wasn’t too impressive. Any advice from CCA students or alumni?

Sure UDK offers a degree. Every University in Germany does that.

In the past you got a diploma, but now they all offer ba’s or ma’s. A diploma is in between.

your probably going to need an ID portfolio to transfer (or start over at) Art schools like CCA. Picking out schools to apply to is one thing, but the real effort needs to go into your portfolio - how soon do you want to start?