MyIDSA question

Is anyone a member of IDSA and uses the “MyIDSA” thing on the website? It says there are profiles, message boards and the like, so I was guessing what the community there was like. It kind of sucks that I have to lay down $100 even though my student membership is still valid (I just graduated).

Is it worth it to pay the money and join MyIDSA? or should i just wait until I’m suppossed to pay dues as a professional?

I find the MyIDSA section to be fairly obtuse and not very user friendly. It diesn’t seem to be an “open forum”, and doesnt really seem to be fostering much of a community either. I consider myself to be very web-savvy, and after many attempts, I couldnt figure out how to get it to work for me…

That said, you can ride your student membership until they ask you to renew, if you are currently able to login. If not, lay down the 100 bucks-- it only gets more expensive after that.

I don’t get it either, doesn’t seem to work for anything.

thanx guys, I guess I’ll look for other ways to network, since the forum was my main interest in MyIDSA.

Going to local IDSA meetings is your best way to network.

yeah i know, but it doesnt help when your local chapter is small, and on top of that the same 5 people show up to meetings/activities. i was just looking for an ‘additional’ outlet for idsa discussion/networking.