A one seater electric car tend to be fast, quiet and nimble and this might lead to an accident.
Other road user are unaware of these “pesky” environmental car overtaking on the road.

MyersMoto Air. An electric car that engineered like a whistle.
Its presence is literally define by sound.
The car is aerodynamically designed to allow air passing thru and release a high pitch sound.
The faster it goes, the louder it makes.
It’s high pitch sound inflict awareness for other road user and this alert other road user
MyerMoto Air is approaching thus preventing accident.


Your sketches are amazing. I love the combination of line, value, and textures. The forms you’ve created are profound and definitely memorable, and definitely read as an electric car, if that is what you were trying to communicate, great!

One area where I definitely think could use improvement are your arrows and writing. They are too powerful and have so much contrast that distracts from your beautiful sketches. I would have liked to see “sketchier” arrows with handwriting if you do indeed need to communicate something with writing.

Was, who is the target user for such a vehicle? Is this a new brand or an addition to the line up of an existing brand? Target price? Based the depth is the wheels, seems like some wide rites for such a narrow electric car.

Cool concept! I think people would get annoyed by the noise pretty quickly, but you could test some prototypes with different whistle volumes to see what works best. Motorcyclists often add loud mufflers to increase their road presence (and to be rebellious), so maybe I’m wrong. I think bicycles and scooters could use a similar solution!

idk, if I am using noise as a safety feature, a whistle?

Why can’t I choose? You know, Eye Of The Tiger/Rocky type of stuff.

I imagine this to be a fleet of a public rental car service system and you’re moving towards an interesting design territory.
I like how you create many interruptions in the surfaces with a lot of tension but it is a bit overdone, also in real life the body will look quite bulky.
The sketches are great. Of course the idea of an electric car continuously making sound is great. Do we have to attune the entire body to the whistling or can we gain much more freedom in design and, say, have whistling mirrors. I would want to be able to attune the pitch and volume with a dashboard control.

A whistling car that screams louder the faster it travels? There has to be a better solution. I can’t imagine a more obnoxious solution. Put yourself in the shoes of a pedestrian, a home owner with open windows, neighbors, cyclists, etc. Noise pollution is a real problem, surely there’s another way to get your concept to work…


Thanks for the critiques and comments
Will look on those, that were mention…

I agree, it reminds me of a project I saw on behance a few years ago, called “Design to discourage”. It was a cigarette packaging that made it difficult and tedious to get a cigarette out easily, with the intension of annoying the user into quitting.

This project feels very similar with it’s whistle, and the noise would very likely discourage me from ever wanting to drive the vehicle. Unless you can somehow tune the whistle to sound like a 90’s F1 car :laughing: