its slow to load up and i’m on BBand.

your sketches are cool

i want to know a little more about the product and how you got there, why dont you show off a few of your pucker concepts sketches for your products

dont put links on to stuff that dont work

some text to describe what the product is

Glad you like it. i really need to update it though, was done at a rush.

Yeah i went for the RSA ceramics brief last year 2003/2004…i got commend in the end. I always wanted to make a fully working version, maybe when i get some more time.

websites nice and clean, easy to use as well, which is good. i’d tidy up the picture menu, it doesnt really seem to line up with anything. same goes for the text on the picture menu.

The product desgin is nice too, not something i really know much about tho. looks cool too me

// get rid of the ‘i am looking for an intership’ bit. i already think you suck. despite the nice rendering.

// the site is awesome… its slow but thats the way it goes on a first time visit. the main thing that i like is that the content is right there. i click and see.