My X-Mas wish

What’s in your wish list?

gameboy ds…sigh

dreams…dreams…dreams…socks would be good, too.

I tend to think of what I don’t want instead of what I want. I guess what I don’t want is what I want not to have.

damn, words of wisdom. seriously, you’ll never know how genius that statement is.

you really like the Oakley MP3 player? doesn’t seem like the technology is quite small enough yet. Almost there…

Oh what I want?

A round trip plain ticket to Amsterdam. That and Yves Behar mini motion watch…

…and pie.

Great. Now there’s one more thing I didn’t know I wanted.

Here is quite literally what’s in my wish list:

Hmm, I am a mega-fan of all things Oakley, but I’m not convinced on the Thump yet…looks like a cool movie prop, but might one look a little dorky walking down the street with it? Sorta like most Bluetooth headsets…looks way cool in the catalogue, but kinda nerdy when you actually wear it.

My christmas wish is to be the hottub lifeguard at the Playboy mansion.

win $$ Million dollar in LOTTO this Christmas,haaaa :laughing:

Who wouldn’t want an iPod in their stocking?!!!