my works

Several of my works can be seen at 3DC gallery under Rhino:
and also in my personal gallery recently constructed:


I suggest that you try modeling something more challenging - like a known sports car, cell phone or even face of a human. First time you do it you will probably suck and not know what to do but you will learn and then perhaps have a good portfolio piece.

There are many people out there who are trying to be great 3D modelers - just a little taste of reality and of what you are up against:

What’s so great about this place is all the love n support. :unamused:

Tnx I’m all set & ready to help within my knowledge

I’d be more interested to see the wire models

I’ll take up ru 1st link with the books just to show Rhino can too.
I don’t have the wire models no more, but I’ll save one for each project from now on
Tnx for comment

It seems you have a grasp of the program, however… the quality of the renderings are very elementary.

Take a look at the gallery at the main site:

It’s a case of ok rendering (cartoony and flat) vs. IS THAT A PHOTO OR A RENDERING?

Keep at it with trial and error, practice, and tons of tutorials on the web.

There aren’t much tutea for Rhino, that’s why I placed mine at an exclusive site
Tnx for comment