My workplace

I work for out of a small office in Chicago that is headquartered in another city. Therefore, there are only 5 people in our office(moving to the headquarters is not an option, its in a smaller city). Its not that I don’t get along with them but none of us really communicate well with each other. I’ve been there for 10 months, this is my first job out of school as a designer and I’m growing to dread being there. Partly bc there is not a variety of work, and part bc I want to work in a larger company where I can actually interact with people sometime. Any advice, maybe anyone in the same situation or have been? I’ve been thinking about changing jobs but they say to stay in your 1st job for a year, but I’m ready to move on.

5 people and you don’t get love from each other? Seriously, a bigger company isn’t going to help. A friend of mine just quit from a huge corperation and he told me that you can work without talking to anyone for a few weeks, not even to the guy in the next cubical. Good pay, but people flee out of the office by 4.30pm.

Play some energetic music or something. Get them to go for lunch together or even to the bar after work. It’s only 4 people, shouldn’t be that hard. furthermore, you said you are relatively new, so you’ve for nothing to lose.

That has saved me from going postal a few times. The only problem is when people start getting TOO friendly. Be careful not be turn your work life into your social life…

Ya that hits the nail on the head, its not my social life. We do go out to lunch, play loud music and all, but i guess its just im the youngest one there, everyone living the married life which nothing is wrong with but I’m like 10 years behind, I guess what I was trying to say is that I want to be in a more diverse enviorment.