My work

I have been working in the industry for a long time. I have done ad layouts, corporate ids’ as well as comissioned work. I have also sold work on e-Bay. I wonder how I can get consistent work and what else I need to do to get exposoure.


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Try the licensing show.
I visited this summer in NYC, and I had seen many illustrators with similar styles that you show were there to broaden their possibilities.

Also send samples to famouse magazine companies. They are always looking for fresh illustrator who can fit into their styles. Do some research your arts can belong to.

Print them as posters and give out as promotional items in organization meetings and parties.

Website that you made is one of the good example how an artist can promote himself. Send the address to various organizations. Maybe they need you to creat something.

Other options are … book illustration, mural design for the public spaces and fashion item prints.

Hi. Thank you for your suggestions. My wife, who is originally from NYC mentioned the licensing show too. I may check it out for next year.

I actually have a line of posters & and giclees. It is doing pretty well. I have when working w/ a poet on a book utilizing my illustrations.

I like the idea of Sending work to magazines. I will try that.

Thanks again.