My work... comments please

So I’ve recently graduated from MassArt (a fantastic experience for anyone thinking about attending) and am in the middle of revamping my portfolio and creating a space on the internet to call my own. In the meantime I’ve posted some work on coroflot and would love some critique and suggestions. Thanks in advance.


  • Derek

some ice stuff well laid out…some of the text was a bit small also your sketches are tiny, can we see a bit more thought process instead of astyling a box?

Some nice work. I feel the layouts are a bit jumbled. My eye does not know where to go, sometime the most prominent picture is not one of your designs. For example on the salad tongs. You design is elegant and clean, but the most dynamic picture is of old tongs. Sam on the memory assistant, which features some great sketching, and a good model, but the dominant image is of people, which is an important image, but because of the color and composition, it dominates.

Thanks for the crit. I’ve got a bunch of new layouts and stuff to post soon but I landed a full time gig so that work is on the back burner for now.

Congrats on the job!