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Hi all!

I am a final year Transport Design Student looking for internships and/or freelance work in the UK and EU. Sending my website as an online portfolio to the companies.

I will appreciate a lot if you give feedback on my work and website.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Batyr,

These are just some gut reactions for the site itself I don’t really know much about transportation design so I’ll leave that for someone else.

-I’m personally not a fan of flash websites, I feel like they cause a lot of unnecessary waiting, complex menu hierarchies, and don’t reformat to different window/screen sizes well. I’d rather see a basic site that lets the work speak for itself rather than overshadows it with flash animations.

  • I think its nice that you sort of themed your site but I felt it was a bit weird to have that high tech look with the carbon fibre cool colours, and glowing text and then to pair it a more hand crafted warm welcome image. I think just cleaning up the fonts would help, specifically changing the “Welcome” font to something that better matches your site. I’d do the same with the about me page as well, perhaps just sticking with a sans serif font?

  • I’d like to see a bit more consistency in formatting/page aesthetics. Individually I can’t tell that about me, all works, cv, press, and contact me are part of the same site; try and share some common visual elements or styles between them all like you would a product :slight_smile:

  • Because you used flash theres a lot of clicking to get through your portfolio. Make your main window a bit larger and put multiple images on a single page so there are less pages total to flip through. Try laying out your content a bit more like you would in a book so pages are more dynamic and your process reads easier.

  • If you’re shooting for a transportation design position I’d remove free sketches, 3d modeling, animation, graphic design and photo. Let those skills sets show through your process slides in transportation. I think it’s best to keep your work concise, focused, and put your best work forward rather than show you’ve dabbled in everything a bit.

  • I love the idea of referencing Morgan’s heritage with the bent lamination wood interior, it’s pretty sweet you even got to show it off at Morgan as well. I’d like to see a lot more of the behind the scenes thoughts like that to show your thinking for that project so it’s not just another series of 3d renders.

Anyways hope theres something helpful in there. Goodluck with the job search :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your feedback!
It was so much helpful!!! Sometimes when you see something every single day you miss a lot out of it. I was surprised that i did not notice many things before :blush:

I use BigBlackBag. I don’t know if you heard about it. They give you ready templates and you just design them. So I cannot really change the layout of the website. (I wish I could). The website is not flash (as they say) although it has some flash bits in it.
But yes, it annoys me when it loads and keeps me waiting. I paid for a whole year, so maybe change the server and provider next year :confused:
Need to learn HTML so I can design everything myself.

So I tried to clean the fonts, and gave them all same look. And each page has similar style to others. Now I think that all pages belong to the same website :slight_smile:

I really liked the point you mentioned about concentrating more on Transportation Design. So I created two different galleries one is for transportation projects and the second is just Other works.

Also removed the welcome image and added some nice slideshow of my best works and welcome text. I think its works better despite of taking time to load.

Have a look again please if you have time! And thanks again for your post! Appreciate your help!

I took a quick look and the first thing that jumped out at me was a picture of the World Trade Center in the Atlantida project. On the US side of the pond that might not be a good image choice, especially if its supposed to be “destruction caused by flooding”.

Sorry, but the UI was very confusing and annoying (plus odd design) with too many loading screen, popups, automatic slideshows, etc. honestly I had to close it down in frustration before I really saw anything.

I’d suggest go with a simple blogger or wordpress type layout to show your work. The site shouldn’t get in the way of the content as it very much does now.


Thanks! I will change that picture

As I said I have already paid for it. So I will try to change it when my contract ends.
Thanks for your feedback.

Think of it this way, two options-

  1. Keep what you have even though it is not working and maybe make it more difficult to get a job, but still pay for the contract

  2. Move to a blogger or wordpress template for free, get a better chance of getting a job, still pay for your contract.

Either way you are paying the same amount, why not look at the effectiveness not just the bottom line. You won’t be out any more money. It doesn’t make sense to put your self at a disadvantage for no reason if it costs you the same either way.

That’s my 0.02$ Unless you can somehow edit the template, or modify it, that is.