My web presence

Have been playing around with my web page for a while .
Could use your critiques and thoughts. Is it too blogish, are there enough information about the projects, is it clear what kind of services I provide? I think I have lost my focus and it’s getting blurred up.

Short answer, yes.
Like you say yourself, it’s too bloggish and there is hardly any info about the projects.

Tbh, its hard to tell that you are actually offering a service at all, it’s “just” some (really) nice illustrations of projects youve made.
Looks like you have a great foundation for content, but you’re not conveying it at all really.

It seems like you have a pretty good gut feeling about what youre doing and id suggest to listen to it.

Ps. i really like the colorscheme though…

First off, I’ve been seeing your stuff on coroflot, really like it. You have a great style.

I think the site isn’t really showing that style off yet. Take this screen cap for example. Mostly blank negative space, 3 images presented 3 different ways, and text that doesn’t draw me in. The work is engaging when you zoom in on it, it’s just getting the rest of the site to support it more.

I agree with it feeling too blogish; the content is nice but its floating about too loosely. I’d like to see more information about the projects as well in some sort of narrative fashion.

I was really excited to see that you worked with formula student. Your design is really well packaged, especially the back. Is it a carbon monocoque? Are you running the exhaust in one side pod and the radiator in the other? I’m working on designing our car’s seat at the moment :mrgreen:

Thanks for the input, I killed the blogish look by using different layout. There are less sketches also, looking for a better way to showcase them. Still on the list, text writing.
About the formula student project, it has a steel tube frame the body is carbon fiber, about the technical solutions you can check

nice work… but i’m not crazy about the website itself.
Especialy the small arrows you have to click in stead of the word

On the other hand, core77 is quiet user unfriendly as well, but I keep coming back because it’s interesting what they show.