My very own soda factory! Your opinion would be great.

Heey guys, so I’ve been a business student for a couple of years now and got incredibly interested in how brands are created and what different aspects influence how a brand is perceived (text, tone of voice, visual aspects, etc.).

Now, for some experiment I’ve created a concept brand, a soda brand, and I am trying to get opinions from people who have different specializations (some from a design perspective, some from a engineering background, some from a marketing perspective). Therefore, I would appreciate it a lot if you would take just a couple of seconds to look at my website, and see what you think, what impression does this brand give you? I’d love to hear, so I can see I indeed am able to create a brand that conveys what I intent it to convey.

Your couple of seconds would be much appreciated!

The link is here below, apologies for the (temporary) bad domain name.

Posted in April, and still no progress on the website linked to.

I will delete after 8/1/2015