My very first rendering/ shoe concept

Hello everybody,
So this is my very first post and rendering here. Im a 16 yr old student living in Germany and maybe for a year I really got into shoes. I have only few Photoshop experience, the only things besides editing photos were a logo for my fathers translation bureau and a iPhone app icon. Besides the internet and books I never really learnt something about photoshop/renderings, so Im hope you guys can give me some tips. Im having trouble with shadows and reflections. It really took me a long time, because I never rendered anything before and the concept constantly changed. So now I really know how much work is behind a simple rendering, mine may be too dark.

Even though the shoe looks very simple there is a concept behind it(text might be a bit long and I often use which, dont know a other word for it :slight_smile:
I believe there are few well performing lifestyle shoes or shoes specifically for life/school by Nike. So this is like a Nike SW shoe. I want it to become a classic silhouette for my generation who grew up with sneakers (like oxfords, desert boots, chucks and so on), so I mixed old materials with “new” (eg leather and tpu, mesh).
It should be suitable for many occasions, so that you dont need to buy shoes for special occasions. This leads me to the next point which is the price. I initially tried to use as less stitching and materials as possible, which didnt work out as good as I wanted it to(otherwise it wouldnt look good or perform bad), but at least the leather part can be made of one piece.
The inner should be one piece of mesh/drifit which is also the toebox, tongue and that small part over and under the leatherpart. To make it suitablefor the winter Id like to add a sock to pull over the normal socks. These socks should warm the foot and have sth similar to adidas powerwerb to support the foot flexing in the deep snow. I tried to solve problems I experienced first hand, so I wanted these shoes to be durable.
I avoided materials that would crease (leather) on spots were the shoe flexes, so I used mesh, if the toebox would be leather, I would use a slim mesh stripe to avoid creasing, which btw also adds breathability, another important part of my shoe. I always sweat as hell and my feet smell very very bad. So right over the midsole I used mesh before the stabilizing leather begins.
The leather part and they eye-stay/collar are dark/ jeans blue, to avoid jeans bleeding on it. The textile collar should be flexible so that with a small piece of slippery plastic you would get into the shoe shoe very fast and easily. They plastic also prevents the textile from tearing apart after you slide in and out day in and day out. Full length zoom should provide lasting comfort.

Any help is appreciated and thanks for taking your time.