my toys

Hey, I recently made a coroflot folder for my toy designs: good times.

Nice stuff Mike!

lookin good!


as usual, great stuff.

your looser, playful sketch quality really works for the toy concepts, and great use of color.


Nice work!

You are one well rounded designer…not many people are capable of the range of styles you have in you have. I love the phone design and the VTech ride-on foam.

Thanks for posting it!

nice to see a more relaxed rendering style

Thanks guys.

Opto, when I started doing toys in '99 I really sucked at it, I took it as a challenge. It is a very difficult product category to get in child play patterns, costing, make it attractive to parents, shelf appeal… and sneak in some good design! Once I got kind of OK at it though, it became really fun. Aaron Szymanski and Scott Johnstone really taught me a lot while I was at Evo… I did a lot of toy work while there, I’ll have to pull some more off my archive CD’s, I have a TON!

The ride on is one of my favorites…

Thanks man, I admire your portfolio for the same thing! I just really love designing all kinds of things. Honestly, its fun.

The phone is another favorite of mine:

you guys do some great work

here is a favorite of mine