So lovely!You are fierce!

The renderings are very nice, however I am unsure what the function of each of them are.

What is the added value to each of these items? The first one seems to be a bobble head item. What significance is this to the market place, other than the fact that is is obviously a reference to a licensed character?

I see some nice things going on with the plane and tank, but what is the significance to this? What is new here?

Overall, wonderful CG.

Much of this work reminds me of a toddler book I purchased in China once: it was chocked full of bubbly illustrations of weaponry and corresponding Chinese terminology & characters. Cutely creepy, to be sure. I know I would want my 4 year old to know the proper pronounciation of “Nuclear Weapon” or “Land Mine.” Awesome!


Wow - I love this stuff. Especially the tank & planes. These are great looking renderings - what did you use to do them?

Also, if you have any development sketches, etc., please post. These are beautiful finished images - I’d love to see some of the thinking behind them.

the Spiderman is so cute
i like it
what is this function

some of them are lovely .Not bad :smiley:
But how to play? just look nice?Do they have some function? like one of them is timepiece??
Now more and more toy design are tend to adult market

did u actually design them ?? or did u do the cad work…they are no concepts sketches…but it’s ok i guess…the problem with cad it’s looks good but I have no idea how they work or don’t work…



I noticed your images load slow. And I’m on broadband. I checked your first image. 142k. And the host site seems to be slow as well

That image should be 50k. It’s 3 times too much and can use less memory.

I would suggest saving optimized images. More people will see your images. First time I looked at this thread, I left before all images loaded. People don’t like waiting.

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Those are nice. I’m bumping this thread to find out if these really exist in prototype, or are these renderings from 3DS Max or something? They look like real toys. I just draw things out in Fireworks, like so:

The Spidey and the tank are really cool. Any more info on these items?

the flash drive swords a pretty cool idea, but kind of contradicts the design ethic of that item. The point of a portable pen drive is to minimalise the size of a data storage device, and you look to have just made it bigger for the sake of providng a theme. a company called mimoco have already developed this product into a toy theme and managed to make them a functional shape and size also. yours is visualy a nice take on things though and i think is the most interesting of your designs. great renderings, did you use modo for those?

Significance…hmm a word you can easilly debate on forever especially in the world of toys…same goes for what’s new? From what I see is that at least 90% of all toys out there really have no NEW value but just like clothes the shape changes over the years. So basically it’s all about shape and some added “new” functionality…and guess what? it still sells!

I like your work, nice quality presentation and on the USB stick you will have millions of people that only go for the functionality while another millions of people would like to have something that is cool looking and don’t mind it’s a bit bigger. Contradictions is something you can play with just like toys. :wink:

good job,I like it.

Are you serious?? Lighten up. The world isn’t just for functional significant things. These things look like art and can sit quietly on a shelf and do nothing but give joy.

A few of you people need to lighten up. Some of these posts sound like some kid brainwashed right out of a college design course regurgitating what their instructor crammed into their heads for 4 years straight while critiquing their projects!! :laughing:

Great stuff by the way!


These are great! love the USB drive and the tank! Awesome work, really.

I find myself agreeing with Jester (J6Studios).

Whilst its great to have all these idealistic ideas and radical functions for toys, the main goal is for the toy to provide enjoyment and satisfaction for the purchaser or the kid. And that may simply be sitting on a shelf and looking cool (a simple collectible).
Having worked in the toy industry for five years i can safely say that company directors are looking for safe sells first and innovation second. innovation and pioneering is great but it is a risk to them.
I think these toys look great, and they make me smile. I could happily sit them around my workstation and when no one is looking even give them voices (just joking on that one).
I think sometimes we can take ourselves to seriously in this industry and when it comes to toys we have to remember that the first goal is simply enjoyment and satifaction for the end user.
Great job on these designs, i think they are fantatsic!