My tabletPC makes my balls itchy

Hi Guys (and I DO mean guys for this question).

My balls get itchy when I use my tabletpc for a long time on my lap. Seriously, has anybody else noticed this ? I wonder if there is some kind of EM shielding fabric I can put under my laptop (or EM shielding underpants).

Sketchy McScratch Scratch

Okay, okay I usually stay away from the low humor but i can’t stop myself this time (apologies in advance).

pok - I don’t think that is the stylus you should be using.

No, no itching when I use my Gateway Tablet PC. They do say that men should not use any laptop on their lap due to higher temps…kills off the little troops.

Heat + Sweat = Itchy.

Get yourself some green medicated Gold Bond and powder your boys up. It works wonders.

Either that or stop putting your tablet directly on your lap.


I think there is some really valuable info for ya here…

put some clothes on then…

I cant believe someone posted an answer thats actually stranger than the question…

The yellow Gold Bond only works for a few minutes and then they feel clammy again. Sometimes just blow drying and using anti-fungal cream like clotrimazole may help. Maybe get a Aeron chair and wear boxers. Good luck.

Thats why I said go with the green.

Hey it may be strange - but believe me theres plenty of people out there who swear by gold bond, especially if you don’t have the benefit of working in an air conditioned office. :laughing:

I second that. Gold Bond is a life saver.

Hey Cyberdemon, I powedered up the boys with gold bond and it worked like a charm, just don’t get that stuff near the choad though, thanks ! I also found some EM shielding underwear out there, might gives these a shot. The Aeron chairs are a little pricey but I did see one of these

Keep those suggestions coming, the summer is here and I have a lot of sketching going on…