My sketches were suspicious...

Just flew from Detroit to Taipei. I brought the pile of sketches from college days along. It’s roughly 3" thick in 11x17" size. When I got back and opened my luggage, I found a slip left by the US customs saying that they checked it. No biggy, it’s a norm anyways. Then I found that the masking tape that I used to bind my sketches got cut, all of them.

So, I wonder how does a pile of paper look under the X-ray.

That brings up another thing. Perhaps we all should attach a disclosure form on all the sensitive data that we put in out checked-in luggage, just in case the customs want to look at it.

Not sure how they were bound specifically, but I suppose if it could have been anything that might have been concealing something (drugs/explosives) they would’ve done that.

Perhaps all of the ink from your drawings showed up in some elaborate terrorist looking pattern.

don’t put important documents in the check-in. Carry with you.

I’ve never checked in anything ultra important, always carry-on. Too many issues with missing luggage, ape-fisted handlers, etc.

The sketches are not extremely important item. It’s more sentimental, just bringing them back for storage. Plus, like I said, it’s 3" thick of 11x17" size papers, so I don’t want to hand carry it along with my other hand carried stuffs.

How was it bound? It was sandwiched between cardboards with a few rounds of masking tape over it to bind them together. It was visually obvious, unless they suspect that I am hiding something between those papers.

OT here but it is getting to sound very pessimistic that airport authorities have to start suspecting about everything to this extent. With the long list of items that are disallowed, it really makes people more paranoid. And thats really sad !

had a friend who worked for an airport as a security inspector. the stuff he would find was unbelievable (drugs, ‘devices’, etc), but since it wasn’t explosives or firearms, he would just put it back in the bag, leave a slip and send it on it’s way.

Maybe the TSA agent was an angry unemployed designer :slight_smile:

then he should have nothing against me :blush:

Wow, I never thought working for TSA would come in handy in design. I don’t want to give away too much information but, most TSA/customs searches of checked baggage are initiated by machines that measure the size, density, and weight of the contents of the luggage through the magic of x-rays. Under the machines, a 3" stack of paper looks like a big dark block of something. It looks exactly the same as a big dark block of something caused by denser drugs or explosives. All of which is very annoying for the poor chumps stuck digging through all those bags. And if it’s glossy paper then it looks really funky. And since the machine tells us what to search, putting disclosures or notes explaining what things are wouldn’t work. Plus, it wouldn’t be very security minded to believe a note anyway.

That’s what I thought.

Well, then the TSA security guys must hate school seasons when students tend to fly around with books in their luggages.

Yeah, we do. But like Kung Fu Jesus said, it gets alot worse than books. One guy who worked at O’Hare in Chicago found the body of someone’s grandfather packed away in a checked bag. The passenger thought it would be cheaper and easier to just pack him away instead of going through the official airline channels for sending bodies.