My Sketches - Feedback please.

Hey everyone;

I posted my portfolio on the portfolio section for feedback, but thought ill post my sketching section link here.

Please let me know what you guys think.


Good start man. Watch your ellipse work. Most of the time, they are not correct. Learn how to get them on the correct axis to the VP. The page on top is your best control of line work.

Thank you for your feedback, i indeed need to correct some ellipses, i have been working on that…10 pages everyday…i was also trying very hard to get the page composition, colors and the focal point right…will upload more by the end of this week…

Thank you once again.

I really like some of those product sketches…keep up the good work. I do agree that there are a few issues with your ellipses…


Thanks much for the feedback, coming from you…thats a lot…i have so enjoyed and much of my work is by learning from it… ellipses yessir working on it…have a few more cintiq sketches i am trying to upload by this weekend…hopefully they should be better.