My rejected submission

I recently redesigned my website and included my submission to the Next-Generation Windows PC Design Competition. My submission was not selected by the IDSA panel or Bill gates himself, so I thought I would seek some feedback here. Comments on the site would be appreciated as well.

Allways good to see a CCAD guy out there doing his thing.

Did you want feedback on the site or the microsoft concept?

I really liked a lot of the thought that went into the AIO, the video game controler like input, the research. I think it could have one if it was a bit more compelling visually. Those contests are all about eye candy it seems, it needs to LOOK like it does what your saying without anybody needing to read the text, which I understand going through all those entries, a juror probably gravitates towards the ones that really visually pop. I think a little more thought could have gone into the stylus to make it a little less generic.

The site is nice and clean. A little about you in the about section would be cool.

Good work man, keep it up.