My printer died.. ...

My trusty old Canon S750 has recurrent bubble jet printhead problems … time for a new machine.

Just used for home office; single purpose (i.e. no fax, scanner, etc.) low volume, occasional photos.

The Canon iP3600 seems to fit the bill but has some negative feed back with regard to the price of ink refills, and paper jamming.

Anyone have a NEW (or newer) printer, of any brand, that they would recommend?


I actually have the ip3600 after upgrading from a broken i950. It’s pretty good for what we do at home, printing fandango movie tickets and maybe 3-4 high gloss 4x6" photos per vacation. The ink refills do get expensive to swap all CMYK and photo black is around 80$ but I’m almost always replacing one at a time. Never had a paper jam. Sometimes I wish it would default to the rear tray paper input. There is occasional, almost imperceptible banding on some photos that drives me crazy but my wife doesn’t seem to mind.

The best photo printing I’ve encountered was with the EPSON 1280 level printers, ( we just got rid of ours) but now they’re too much hassle if you don’t use it enough.

I have an Epson workforce, and while it does the job of printing, the ink management sucks. When you get less than 50% left in the tanks it starts warning you to buy more. You actually have to click the pop up every time before it will start. You also cannot bring them to refill places when they are empty. When the software thinks the ink is gone, it will absolutely not print. I cant even print a word doc because my black is gone. It wont let me just combine the other colors to get black.

For this reason alone I would not buy the epson workforce series.

I’ve actually been really happy with my printer which is a Workforce 810 but it’s an all in one. Individual ink carts mean I at least don’t have to throw away a half full ink cart when I run out of red. I also find the photo quality is outstanding.

I had an Epson wide format before this that was a lifesaver in college as well, so I’ve been pretty happy with my Epson products over my HP’s which always ran into smudging or other issues pretty quickly.

The basic technology is all pretty much the same, so maybe look at the Epson’s and see which model has a feature set that does what you want. Also, check which models have high capacity ink cartridges offered - thats key IMO.

I just got an epson around 80 bucks… has the scanner and wireless set up…
Setting up the wireless took about 2 hours… I kept on getting an error and after finally sending an email to tech support a fix popped up to fix the known issue… Tech support never got back to me.

If that fix hadn’t come up I probably would have returned it and never purchased a epson product for the rest of my life.

Canon MG5280 wireless scanner and printer. One button scan, five ink cartridges that last reasonably long, both sides of paper printing. Lots of features that i don’t need to think about. Best printer experience I’ve had. Wireless printing is the way.

That stinks. Mine was great. I set up the wireless (which the biggest pain was trying to input my wireless password using an up/down keypad) and installed the software and now it’ll scan and download straight to my hard drive or my fiancées laptop.


I’ve been nursing the old Canon along … but it’s now a real goner.

Epson Workforce 1100 is on sale at Staples for… $99. (USB connection, 13"x19"; 5760 dpi)

But considering earlier comments… I’m concerned.

The HP7000 Wide Format printer is also on sale for $129.

Both seem like pretty good deals… …

Canon MG6120 here. Similar to nxakt’s. Wireless scanning and printing, 6 inks. Last canon I had was a MP600 and it lasted a long time with very few problems except in the end of life. I’ve been very happy with Canon’s so far.


I’m leary of the whole wireless thing R.

Wife has been experiencing something akin to “talk-over” with her iPad here at the house… wondering if that wouldn’t also affect other “wireless” devices.

There’s also the Luddite-eous aspect of wireless … :wink:

Wireless is a dream, just for not having to run a whack of cables all over the place. It was super easy to connect. You just use the screen to select the network, enter your username and passsword, and it’s a go! What’s “talk-over”?


I have a plugged in MP830 Canon multifunction. Works well, and you can get cheap-ish replacement inks that aren’t Canon if you’re just printing quick. The Pixma inks will set you back a lot.

What’s “talk-over”?

It’s like when you’re listening to one radio station and another one intermittently interferes … fades in and out, sometimes very clear, sometimes just “buzzy”… akin to when you have to dink around with the antennae to get clear reception.

Really annoying. Not to mention a bit disconcerting … who’s doing what, and how…

I can find the Canon MG5220, but not the MG5280 … is that an Asian market product?

As and aside - Not to get all “nationalistic” about it, but being here in California I notice that a LOT of latino stations seem to have much more power than other nearby stations. Reminds me of the 70’s when you could pull in Chicago’s WLS (50,o00 watts) from virtually anywhere … or so it seemed.

p.s. thanks for the input everyone.

I just picked up a Canon MG6120. Turns out it will connect WiFi or USB…

Will install this evening.

Good luck. Sure you will like. It’s pretty nice with the quasi touch panel too.