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Updated to coroflot

hey, I’m a 2nd yr product design student from the UK. I’d just like to know peoples opinions on my new portfolio (starting to send emails out for an internship)

Double check your spelling and grammer

such as?

Such as read your paragraph again. And again. And again.

We’re not your editors. This reflects on you. It should be enough for us to tell you you have problems with spelling and grammar. Now you go fix it.

In my previous post, i didn’t intentionally set out to be rude, although it may have came across that way.

Spelling and grammar are not my strong points. I have read through my portfolio and cannot find the error.

I’m not asking you to be my editors, i would just like you to point out the error so that i can fix it. (isn’t that the whole point of this thread, designers helping desigers, not shooting them down because they’re dyslexic)

just because your dislexic (many designers are) doesn’t mean you don’t have the resources available to fix those types of errors on your own.

i think helping you realize that is better than doing it for you.

Thanks, jgray…you said it much more diplomatically than I would have.

Good feedback, I have the same problem with spelling/dyslexic problems. i have always struggled with it, but as long as you run spell check and get a few people to read over it you should be cool… But, one thing is for sure if your giving a presentation to a group of people and have a spelling error chances are they will focus more on that then the work… Learned from experience :blush:


Some sound advice, Thank you jna14

By the way, i have now found the spelling mistakes, corrected them and updated my coroflot.

love your portfolio its interesting work.

Good work.
Have good modeling skills. I will stress on sketching skills ( need some more improvement ). Recent industrial designers must have sense for graphic design basics so that you could give a great presentation.

In your mini portfolio you should be consistent on your design and layout. Such as text color , font, size, placement of images and text. The title is too big and the name cofler on those stripes is over the top. Just the stipes could be fine.

Show some scale to the products, especially the wrigleys one, because it was difficult to understand the steps without proper explanatory views. A step by step explanatory images will make it easy to follow.

About typo and spelling, there are few errors. Sentence formation could be better. Your title eg. " Research Based Project" a lower case in based and project could have made it better. In page (3 of 10) “stresson” should be separated as stress on. Some minor like that.
I also think that your English is " British" and there is significant difference in spelling compared to American English eg. “colour” is spelled “color” in American English etc. I think this what the other person in this post is talking about checking your spelling.
So I don’t know what to suggest for the change in British and American English. But consider the graphic format.

Good luck!

PS: I am not that great to be perfect in English language so if my statement is wrong I apologize.