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i’m looking forward to your feedbacks…


Some nice work in there. You have some editing errors in your text. Get someone to go over it with you. I am guessing that English is your second language.

A personal beef…lose the flash. I am going to scream if I see another flashy flash portfolio for the sake of doing a flashy flash website. Its your content that impresses me…not animated arrows.

i dont find that to be flashy flash. It does take a few seconds to load, but it is clean and put together well.
IP -I think your sick of seeing flash and takin it out on this guy. I too am sick of all the flash, but i think he controls the animated nonsense much better than a lot of stuff out there.

Overall i think you did a good job, its a clean presentation of work. Maybe there is something you can do to speed up the loading process, its a bit slow. I think you show enough work to tease and get someone interested to see more.

True enough, too harsh maybe. But the issue of content over flash is still an issue. When looking at a prosepective portfolio, I hate (not harsh enough word, actually) sitting there waiting 10 seconds for a flash-folio to load…on a high bandwidth connection…each time I click on another non-descript square.

I want to see content. I want to take 3 minutes of my day to see if this person is worthy of a second in-depth look. Content in a portfolio is king. While I admit that Flash skills can be an important part of a design folio…they should not trump the rest.

Was impro’s sluggish flash site a straw that broke the camels back and made me snap at them…yes. Was I too harsh? Maybe. Does it change the fact that I think the flash was overused and at the end of the day would make me hire someone with comparable skills before them? Yes.

I do agree with you, the work in there is worthy of a second look.

hi again,

first of all i want to thank you for your comments… I tried to make a simple portfolio site and also i wanted to make it with some simple “flashy” effects, but i tried to keep them in order…

i know that there are some optimization problems and loading times can be sluggish… i will make some improvement for a better performans… the platform is a part of the portfolios and i dont want it becomes a headache for users…

kill the flash make the thumbnails/text a bit bigger loose the splash screen.

Also, there’s a big shift in narrative clarity between the first few projects and the most recent “New” section. The first few projects are cool to look at, but difficult to follow – the final image on the mail carrier’s bicycle is just a photo of some drawings and a model, so I have no idea what the thing actually looks like. The last section, by contrast, is much clearer: Hookie, Book Hanger, etc. are well-presented and I feel like I know what you did. Maybe try to adjust the earlier projects to match that level of clarity.

Yes i didnt put all details of the projects there… its a preference…maybe i will add full detailed pdf file later or i change everthing on site…