My Portfolio

I’m in year 12 and I’m from the UK. I am planning to go to university to study product design. I am not going next year but the year after. I have been told I need to present a portfolio to the people who choose. While the university I want to go to isn’t ranked highly in the general rankings it is quite a good design university and with only 10 places on my course I want to try and stand out.

So far for my portfolio all I have is this coming year’s work and the work I have done last year in technology at A Level. I have been looking around for ideas to branch out my portfolio a bit. I have been emailing local charity organisations to see if there is anything I can do for them, free of charge, so I can say I have ‘live’ experience. So far this is going okay as after sending five or six emails I am now designing a logo for a local multiple sclerosis therapy centre.

I was just wondering how you think I could go about getting more work to put in my portfolio. I’ve got six weeks of summer where I’ll be bored so I’ve got enough time to do anything. Just wondered what you thought.


Start drawing more, especially still life. Draw everything around you, in your room, outside your window. Start with pencil, then perhaps go on to other mediums when you feel more comfortable with it.