Hello everyone.
I just made a portfolio site. I would be very thankful for any critique!!!


The site is great, navagation is a breeze. There is one thing though, the sketches below the main central work are a little small, so the finer details are difficult to see. I might try and make those larger so clients and employers can view your sketching abilities. That’s just my opinion, you and others may tend to like them in that fashion. Great work, keep it up!

Given all the great design coming out of scandinavia, i feel you are doing them a big diservice with some of the junk you have produced.

However, on a good note some of your projects have good premise. But they really need to be developed furthur along with your sketching skills, 3d skills, presentation skills and design skills.

To conclude, prior to visiting your site i had it in my mind that english was one of the first languages in scandinavia, but after reading your project descriptions i beg to differ!!!

Overall, good work but maybe you should consider furthur studies or a career change. :wink:

I like the site. Ecod… was right that it’s a breeze to navigate through, something a lot of designers have a problem doing. I’d like to be able to get one level deeper however, into the process, into some of the detail sketches… Good work!

I think the work is quite good, although I’m not an Indistrial Designer. Did you go to art school? Easy navigation for your site. The logo looks a bit Star Wars, or is it just me?