my portfolio website

Please check out my portfolio site and tell me what you think
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Thank you!!!

thanks buddy great reply it will help out a ton!!!

I started to change the stuff you pointed out. I like where its going now! thank you!!! I still need to reformat some of my work but so far it’s looking way better then before.
Check it out

Thank you for caring!
I took a look at your site…and it’s nice and simple. I do like it but I would have like to see some of your sketching
Here in the states it’s said to be “super important to have a good amount of sketchbook work no matter whats in it! As long as you have one” that what instructors have told us for years now. They say it shows the true design character we hide inside, which senior designer love to see.
I believe them cause I seriously got a this internship I’m at right now based only off my sketchbook…never show them any real projects. I was shocked!!!