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I just wanted to share with everyone my Urban Avenue portfolio site at so feel free to check it out, browse through my work, let me know what you think. I just launched it the other day so at the moment I only have a few web projects that I’ve done but soon I’ll have everything-illustrations, photography and print work. But yeah check it out; let me know what you think about it.


tried to get to u’r, but accuntered error, all i see is an orange window…

Hey, i like the site… the only thoughts i would have is that it’s a little bit small (can barely read the text on my machine at work…)… also, the flash file seems huge (long loading time), and some of the animation sequences might be a bit long (ie, when you return to the main menu)… it’s fun to see once when you first log into the site, but watching the guy walk in every time you want to get back to the top is perhaps a bit much…

the whole thing makes me smile though. good colours and clean layout…

“Salsa music today would never had gained the immense popularity as it has if it hasn’t been for these modern salsa legends. These 10 artist will always be highly regarded among the ones who have played vital roles in the rise of salsa as their hits spread through out the world.”

This opening statment is awkward and has some major grammar errors. I would also agree with random about the animations. THe skip intro button for the radio station site also does not work, and that is probably the weakest intro of the bunch.

After this, I’m sure you don’t want to hear anymore, but I really like everything a lot which is why I want you to fix these things. GOOD $#!+!!!
Also please get the coming soon items filled in quickly and if you don’t please remove them, I often check back in on sites I like a lot and am always dissapointed to return to a “coming soon” or “under construction” for months"

Keep it coming

Thanks a lot everyone for taking the time to visit my site and critiquing it for me, I deeply do appreciate it. All of your comments help me out so much because I really needed to know the areas that needed fixing.

So please continue to give me more feedback. Your honest opinions are golden especially since friends and family will just say that they pretty much like anything since they are not really designers and plus they want to mainly pump me up about my work. But yeah, keep visiting and critiquing and I’ll keep the site content coming.



you definatly have flash skills but all that has been done over and over. I hope you post again when your site is completed or even half way completed

i like the site but here is a question… Why is the site named urbanavenue? the web and information you have listed there doesn’t seem related to the site name itself. I’m not saying it is bad but just trying to get a feel to your site name related to your accomplishments. or is this your future company or the such?

Great illustration of the guy-Speed things up on it-Too slow.

Can’t see a certain concept. Agree, the author has skills, may be some idea, and why not, even taste is missing. The feeling from the whole site is like something is bad organized. However, nice to try and find something original.

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for your posts in regards to my launch. Your coments have helped me to make the site more user friendly and more aestheticly pleasing. Although it is still not entirely finished, I have updated it. So feel free to check it out…



Hey, Mati Mati, what’s up??? You working hard on that site, I just joined, but reading everyone else’s comment & checking the site out for myself, I see that its still under construction, BUT, who’s but? huh, NO, I LOVE YOUR SITE, I’d say pretty innovatiive man. So, & you like South African chicks huh!! Holla!!!

hey mateo…
i have to say the site, technically is very well done. you are definately showcasing your overall design skills, especially your skills with flash. My one overriding critique would be to simplify. it seems that you are doing what alot of people do by trying and showcasing yourself through your skills. but what are you trying to sell, your skills or yourself as a designer? let your work speak for itself, i dont know thats what i took from it. also because the flash is so elaborate it takes way too long to load. and whats with the name…i dont see much of anything too urban there.

anyways that is a great start on a website, good luck with the rest of it.

Thanks a lot to everyone for the comments! Actually your comments have aided me in the redesign of my site.

So I invite everyone to check out my new Urban Ave site that I’ve just launched a few days ago and I know it needs to be tweaked a bit but I still would appreciate your comments on the actual site design as well as the work included in it.