My portfolio review.

Hello all!

I am a new member who has been lurking around these forums for a while.
Just have some questions I hope your great expertise can assist me in.

My boyfriend and I are both applying to MCAD and SCAD, he for Graphic Design, and I for glorious Furniture!

Unfortunately neither of us can afford those schools, now while I will ask these questions in the Graphic Design forum, I was wondering what advice you could provide?

Specifically, we are meeting MCAD for a portfolio review in Denver in a few weeks. What info can you provide on the schools respective programs. Even more important what do you think is necessary in my portfolio: A) for acceptance into these schools, and B) What portfolio work would be best for scholarships from the schools? Also, are there places to look for scholarships for furniture design?

I know these are a lot of questions, but I’m freaking out about this review and need some help, I appreciate it all!

Thank you.

1: good, creative ideas
2: personality
3: tell a compelling story
4: show off your specific talents

Thanks for that, I’ll keep it in mind when presenting. Is there any specific thing schools are looking for from potential students that I need to be aware of? Any tricks from Furniture veterans?

Yeah, I’m not an expert of course, I’m just a junior in the ID program at BYU. Here there are two reviews - one to get in to the program, and another one between freshman and sophomore year.

For the entry review, you don’t even need any design stuff at all really, although it would help I’m sure. If you just show some artistic talent and creativity, you’re in. Most people only have fine art stuff at this point anyway.

show your skills and talent use your imagination new stuff…