my portfolio on coroflot...

hello, well I have my portfolio on coroflot but I never asked for a review here (I didnt see this section on portfolios before!).

I would love to read your comments, what makes us better is what people have to say about your work even if it is really bad! :angry:

Theres some furniture design (my first designs as an industrial design professional) and some school works.

Thanks for any comments! :unamused:

Looking at your work, I would say Your really into Furniture design. Some nice pieces, but I would suggest to also add more process development.
Maybe you already have this in your complete version.

Is this the only area your serious about?

Hi, thanks for your comment, yeah Now I´m into furniture design cause well, i got this first job on a furniture design company so thats why you only see real products on furniture… but is not like what I really want to do you know, I’m learning and everything and in some months I´ll start looking for another job on product design… maybe.

You are right about the process develpoment, I will add some images, thanks!.

I didnt understand this question…

you mean furniture?.. hey and sorry if my english is no really clear! :blush:

Mancho, That first job is soo important. congrats, and build your resume also in product or other disciplines which your interested.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is, Designers & Engineers always wanna see how you think. This is why process is so important. keep your chicken scratch& make lots of notes.

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hey, yes this firs job is really important, and thanks!

I will post my sckethings soon, I have to scan them and I dont have a scanner here so as soon as I get it I’ll post them.

And soon you’ll be able to see all my work at (at the moment it goes to limonsiete, my blog).