my portfolio mix of footwear and product design,

all comments well come

Your portfolio images are way too small, and sometimes blurry, making it impossible to see much detail. You may want to at least double their sizes.

ditto, the images are small and the layouts a bit inconsistent.

From what I can see of the design work, I feel that the designs are very cut out. Lots of extruded forms without finished edges. I think it might help you to do a benchmarking exercise. Put together a board of design work you feel is successful and then analyze what makes those designs work. I’ve done these in the past when I wanted to work toward a new aesthetic, or push to a different level of finishing and it has really helped.

thanks for the comments, the reason my images are small is because i found out that some one had stolen my work and past it off as their own. i resized them so could i please received feed back.

That’s funny…I considered asking you if this was the reason!

It would be helpful to include more complete descriptions of what is going on in your designs- what we are looking at, some insight in to the design, etc. You have them for some, but not all, and it’s barely legible in a few of the pictures. Tell us about your designs! Perhaps by adding more description, you can also get more mileage out of the pictures you have up, without concern of people nicking your images.

thanks for the advice hippatodahoppa, i feel adding commentary to the work well help people understand it better. cheers

More detailed descriptions as hippatodahoppa said for each project would really set it off, esp. as you have some good images of your designs.

I see you have some sketches as part of a few images but no-where else, maybe a few more and just on there own but linked to the final design - some way of organising the images for each project (if this is possible through coroflot) or even by the colours used for the background etc.

Another thing, it looks like very conceptual but are there any sketch models or anything that you’ve done to work out proportions and sizes as this offers something else to people looking at you as a complete designer.

Only my suggestions, but I hope they’ve been hlepful.

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