My Portfolio is on -

Hi Guys

I’m using for my portfolio. Not sure how it looks. what do you think


quite a cool website, in my opinion it works well as a simple collage of images for someone who has seen a conventional portfolio and wants to seem more images relating to it.

however it is really hard to follow, with no real description of work or reason why you’ve done it, perhaps if you could re-arrange the images into catagories or (project?) order then it would flow a lot nicer? although i dont have much experience with portfolios and getting jobs, i still work in a pub atm :blush:

This is super confusing and slow. The thumbnails are too small for you to get what they are, and I don’t want to mouse over everything to read what it (might) be. I also don’t really understand what kind of portfolio this is… it’s too spread out. There’s architecture, packaging, photography… it seems like one of the images is not even your work (skyscraper). IMO this portfolio system is very flawed: the menu for your about section is very confusing. It’s not clear that the buttons are actually toggles to show and hide content - very frustrating when I was trying to see your education, but it just hid the info.

I think the whole order is also backwards: when I look at a designer, I look at their work first. If I like their work, then I’ll go to the About section to learn more about them. does it the opposite way, putting the priority on the person, and squished all the work at the bottom into ridiculously small images.

I reccommend getting out of this. Use CargoCollective.

With Tarn on this one.
Super slow and ridiculously confusing. I would, as suggested, scrap this Grid thing and go for one of the true and tested such as Cargo, Wordpress or Indexhibit.

Also, kind of funny to not put a Lorem Ipsum into your about section but a definition of a Lorem Ipsum. Was that intentional?
Anyway, to put up a good little text about you is just as important as to put your work up. I would fix that right away.
It’s one of the first things I read as I believe that designers have to be not just good with the visuals but just as good with the written and spoken word.

ps. When I clicked your link in Chrome on a Mac, I just got to the site and I had to manually put in the /sirwan part. You might want to check the link.

Bepster, that happened to me, too. He just linked it wrong (hover over to see the link)

Thanks Tiffansal. I think I agree with Bepster on this, the thumbs are a bit slow and the dummy text fooled me, I had that up for so long.

I’ve only been with them for a week. I was just wondering how the layout looks more. Thumbs are a little too low. But the short URL was what stood out, cargocollective is a bit complex. Whilst with the grid… my work would be published on the grid’s frontpage, so I thought it could get me a bit more exposure. But I don’t think I’ll be using Cargo. I will see what I can do thanks.