My Portfolio 3D Design for sustainability, feedback and crit

Hi, i have just started to put together my portfolio and was hoping for some advice, crit, feedback etc…

My degree is in 3d Design for sustainability, not ID. So i think it may be slightly different the way i should put it together? Although i will be looking for employment, intern in product design.

I want my front page to stand out, currently its very basic with no logo or image going on. I’m not amazing with graphics so i don’t want to attempt something too flashy that could make it look bad.

I have currently just got 1 project with part of another project in to show my possible layout format. I’m not happy with the research pages as i think they look very tacky, this is probably the hardest part i find to show in a decent way.

I’m half tempted to completely change the style and have lots more going on the pages, combining things together more, taking photographs of post stick notes from early brainstorming etc…

My disadvantage is that not being from an ID course, i haven’t been taught a lot of sketching, CAD, or processes of manufacture. The CAD and sketching is something ive tried to teach myself so it doesnt stand out as much as some of the other portfolios i have seen.

My advantage is that i have had almost 3 years experience on a sustainable design degree, sustainable design being something that is a must for the future. What i do have is great team working and communication skills. The course has emphasised strongly on a way of thinking, with user involvment to solve real problems, and how design can be done in sustainable ways.

I would just like to know what people would suggest for me to have a decent portfolio to find work. Sketching is something i have been practicing a lot in my spare time and still needs a long way to go but i am slowly progressing.

I have another format of resume which i will send to companies as 2 A4 sheets, along with a cover letter and references. I still have a long way to go as i have only just started to put this portfolio together.



ok, it wont let me upload the PDF of my folio?

Hi, I too am graduating with a similar degree concentration. Industrial Design and Sustainable Development.

Where are you going to school?

The attachment post will only allow one page images so if its a multi page pdf it won’t work.

Try just exporting each page as a jpg

In that case i shall wait until my folio is more up to date and just post a link to a website once its finished.

I am studying at University College Falmouth. 2 Weeks to go until i finish!!! Lots of work to do.