My personal take on AUDI designs toward electrifying their brand

Hi everyone, I am not sure if this thread is meant for personal projects. I have been sharing my project on some different threads, and thought here also would be a fitting place. It looks like most of the discussions here are about the latest news from the industry, but since we are all passionate about transportation topics, I thought I’d share my personal take on Audi as a brand.

Personally, I think the hexagonal fascia that Audi has turned to in the past decade or so, is cool and visually quite impactful. However as of late, with their push to electrify their whole brand with the E-Tron production lineup and concept cars, I don’t understand the point of having a hexagon graphical treatment stuck in front of the car. To me it seems a bit forced, and not as purposeful. I think electric cars should convey efficiency and honesty in design, not to be stuck in the past.

I think a great example of progress would be the Japanese and Korean automakers, revamping their lineup with a lot of courage. In case of German manufacturers, I can’t say the same.

Here is my work expressing my take on this, let me know what you think.
Full work : Behance