My online portfolio - be gentle.

Ok, I did this online portfolio as part of my 2nd year course work. It is slightly rushed and needs to be refined…I know this. It will probably change size etc depending on the size of your monitor etc. and some of this pictures are too big and take a while to load.

But please could you give me some pointers (as harsh as you like) about the appearance and the the navigation…I personally dont like it, since seeing other online portfolios.

I think the grey background is too heavy and I think the fonts need updating.

Please let me know what you think…



The site is not that bad, but yes as you said it is a little outdated and the navigation is very difficult.

I would avoid doing pop-ups for the works, this is very difficult to navigate. Just use thumbnails as a preview which are of a good size and then allow users to zoom if they want (via clicking)

The other thing i noticed is that your decriptions seem like you disliked the projects or were forced to do them. punch them up a little, stay positive.

Plus also include a back button to get back to the menu page. but overall some good work!!

Good Luck!

dont quite get that bit. Do you know of any websites where what you discribe is used?

Thanks ever so much for the comments. I will be updating it next year and will be changing it with everyones comments in mind.


i was thinking of something like this

where you get more of an impresision of what the thumbnail is leading too.

hope this helps!