My On-line Portfolio

Come to visit and leave your comments. ^^

the graphics are generally nice, in concept, but everything is too small, not a very good use of space. In the gallery, took a while for the pages to load, (that could just be my puter) and the images were small, I could see them, but they could be a lot bigger. The work wasn’t bad, be loud and proud with your work. If it was bigger and faster, my experience would’ve been much better. :neutral_face:


First impression - Fresh colors, crisp & clear images.

Love the set up, the interaction it provides.

Would love to have an online portfolio that was quite similar.


I have to agree with the length of time it took for the pages to load. But I did love when the thumbnails changed, kinda like pages.

Your site is pretty slick. My only criticism is the music. I felt like I was at a wake for grandma. If your going to use music I would suggest that you avoid such depression sessions like track #3 (Oh Danny Boy). Other than that the wind is at yer back me son.

I think you should give the user more feedback. When you press a link, nothing apears to be happening, you should have an indicator showing how the downloading is progressing. The images/files take a lot of time to load, so there’s a long wait and one starts to think maybe the page’s not working? nothing seems to be happening.

hey! Just saw that you have an indicator, it’s just not working properly. You wait for a long time, nothing happening, and then, just before the loadning is finnished, it’s there for short moment.

Other than that, good looking page. The images could be bigger, there’s enough space for it. You’ve added sound to the page, something I don’t like in a web page (I’m always listening to my own music on the computer, so I don’t want webpages to have sound too), but you’ve added a no-sound option, so that’s good:)

The music is tight, made me want to try and learn to play piano again.

I think it’s smoothly animated, nice work.

The design work in the portfolio is nice too, you show some process.

The only criticism I have is when you click on a thumb in the gallery it does it’s little swirl thing as it sizes up, it’s a little slow. I think a quick fade-in would be more appropriate even though I know you’re basing that animation off of the spiraling nav on the front page.

Good stuff.

Thank you for your valuable comments. OK. I’ll try to get rid of music function and speed up for some animations.
I also preparing design process section. It will be located at workshop menu section. now it doesn’t work yet.
Thanks again.

I really like the look and feel. Nice animations.

My one thing is that you made the actual size of pager huge (1280*480?). With the menus and content you have it doesn’t use all of the space. I really don’t mind that the images are small. But if you are going to have small images/interface, then make the page smaller/tighter. If not, make the images bigger and use the space.

Another thing is that there seems to be a TON of things to click through. I didn’t go through each and every link, but you should try to weed through everything you have and make it so just the very best of your work is on there. I am one of those people who thinks that a web portfolio shouldn’t be a “catalog” of your work but a snapshot of your “best” work. Just my opinion.

Other than that… very cool.