My Next Cell Phone

was kinda surprised to see that moto was only releasing the phone via carries outside of the US. Nice to see that I can buy an unlocked one.

super battery life is awesome. On review I read on it said its not much fun to text on, but it doesn’t look too bad to me.

The more I think about it, the less I am like Asango that I don’t want to be connected all the time.

you mean more or less like me?

The other thing to think about out…if you have a phone that is simple and robust and it does the basic things you need, how likely will you be to throw it out and upgrade for the next technology baby step (wifi, 3g, camera, etc etc etc) go green team, go!

dunno about moto. heard pretty shi**y things about past motos (razr, etc.), dunno if its the same for the new ones…


The Motofone isn’t really a “new” one - it’s designed to be super low cost (The COG is something like $9) for third world countries. I’ve never played with one that was charged so I can’t comment on the UI, but its definately super thin and with that display uses very little energy.

mmm…interesting that you say that. The majority of people that I know who have a razr dont gripe much about it. The only complaints I’ve heard is the battery life and the poor tactile quality of the keypad. Its become ubiquitous in that they give them away, but it just goes to show you how much popularity and uniqueness affect perception.

I hear you on the “sometimes I just want my phone to be a phone”

my deal was that a couple years ago I had so much crap in my pockets, ipod, cellphone, binder-clip wallet, fire dept pager, keys etc, that I started to try to see what things could be combined. thats when the mp3, camera, phone started to look pretty nice.

Has anyone experienced anything from HTC?

They seem pretty cool.

I was wondering the same thing…although, that would mean I would have to wait for the HTC Touch Diamond. One & Co are cranking out some seriously good work.

just don’t forget it in the bathroom at the mall…

Well, the decision has been made pretty easy for me now. iPhone for $199 CDN and it is available on my current carrier…

Now, do I get the white or the black? I guess I have 3 or 4 weeks to decide.

white is only available for the 16BG version which is $299 i think.

iphone plans are the killer though. AT&T has them at $30 for 200min/no text + $40 data (might be required, not sure), and im sure rogers will be even more… ouch.



I bought the HTC TyTN II three weeks ago. I moved from the Treo 680 after 5 years of Treo phones.

I have been very happy with the phone. One criteria was a keyboard as I SMS a lot and don’t like pushing number keys over and over again. For you road warriors this phone has all of the frequencies so it can even work in Japan and Korea. It syncs with my Outlook and also has GPS. I bought the map of Hong Kong and tested the GPS and it works well. The antena is much better than my Treo. It also has wi-fi.

But you have to like big phones to like either the Treo or this model of HTC.

Sorry, one bad thing but I don’t think it is the phones fault. When I use Activesync to sync my data, the Activesync takes over 100% of my CPU and I have to restart the computer to get it to stop. I also had this problem with Acrobat Updater. I must admit that my computer is 4 years old and is overdue for a complete erasure and rebuild. Maybe I will just build a new computer instead :slight_smile:

Tim: Good looking phone. It’s nice to hear that works well too!