My new website ! Tell me what YOU think of it.

As mentioned in the subject, i’ve got a brand new site. I was wondering if i could get some reactions from fellow designers all over the world, so please bring it on!

Love it!..great job.

But, since your looking for criticism…

I didn’t get a good overall feel for the process your commited to (services to a client during the design phase, not the end result). Are you following a strategy more like a Mark Newson (goes with the flow) or IDEO (scientific approach) when it comes to developing forms? Both successful in design, but very different how they come to the final result.

Nice, but is there a lot of demand for the hair hats?

I like the clean layout, there have been several people on here recently that posted all-white portfolio sites and this is one of the first Ive seen that still seems to mantain a sense of style and has far better organization.

This is just my opinion, but I would be interested in knowing more about the projects. You put some short descriptions on a few of the pages but I would like to see more of that. I think it helps put things into context and gives people a better sense of your design and thought process.

Also on the “about” page you should change the text - “The studio is founded in 2000 by Guido Ooms” to “The studio was founded in 2000 by Guido Ooms” , was is the appropriate past tense.

Thanks for the reply’s sofar. They’re usefull. The hairhats are an old project which was more about wtf is going on with hair. While its attached to small parts of our body its so very important to us, but once its detached, most of us think its disgusting (think of your shower). That’s sort of the idea i played with amongst others. they are not for sale but travelled from one exhibition to the other for some time. I don’t think they would sell very well anyway…

I have nothing much to say about the site.

But the Rebellious Cabinet, caught my attention. Can you tell us more about it?

site is cool, you should go into more detail with the projects though, agree with what has been said about your process no coming across

i love your work, especially the museum chair… nice one

tnank you all again for the reply’s, they’re very very usefull and they make me happy.I will start working on better and more text and have it checked by a native english speaker.
the cabinet is one of a series of cabinets which are all based on the same idea. The thing i almost hate is the fact people want to organise stuff to the extreme. Like always putting two the exact same vases next to eachother with the exact same sticks in it or making sure all drawers are nicely closed all the time. This series of cabinets is a anti-reaction to that.

Hi G

A big fan of your work, saw it for first time at the core show in New York a few years back.

Really nice stuff, I like the unexpected twist that a lot of the projects have.

The museum chair also appears on this site:

whicj one of you did it, or did you collaborate?

The museum chair is indeed a collaboration with Davy ‘das ding’ Grosemans, to my opinion one of belgium most intelligent designers (he’s also one of my best friends be he really is very intelligent) I also made his website which is online since feb 25th. → . I know its praticly the same structure as mine, but i think its a simple one that works.
thanks for all the compliments, they make me very very happy.
I’m also pretty drunk right now, that always helps as well, huhhuh.
beer = good

Your work has very creative concepts. Nicely executed too.

One problem with your site. Must I scroll through every item to see item 8? Its too linear. Being able to jump to any page in any sequence is what interactivity is really all about. Don’t think of your site as a book starting on page 1 and moving to page 2. If I as the user want to go to page 4 thne to page 2 I should be able too.

to Guest. The problem you mention is interesting although i don’t know if i understand it correctly. Once you click on ’ products ’ all products i’ve put on the site are visible as little cutouts. You click one, see it bigger with a bit of text, then click << or >> to see my previous/next product , or you click products again to see the overview again. This last step might not be clear now i think about it. I hope this was what you mend/meant/ment(?).

nice. like the site. like the work.

if i HAD to find fault, it would be the lone “process” screenshot (Maya!). seems indecisive. i’d remove it. i suspect(ed) the wireframe chair was an MR render (and maybe a couple others?). better to not reinforce that suspicion in the viewers mind imo.

huh, ykh, i don’t get that one. The process screenshot just shows where the idea comes from, but the actual wireframe chairs you see are real metal welded chairs and have been a real bitch to make, so i hope you dont think the’re just renderings hehe. Maybe the max screenshot should have been a wireframe rendering of something else, like a skateramp, than the chair itself to make clear that i i just want to show where the idea comes from, not the way how i in particular made these chairs.

wow. didnt realize Max and Maya looked so similar.

but comment was about “suspician”. your photo looks similar to how MR/Brazil render imo. like a Final Gather. so my suspician gets reinforced by your screenshot. couple other shots also look/are renderings (museum chair?). all i’m saying is it is the ONLY process shot and it doesnt tell me anything your comment at the bottom doesnt already explain.

if i was to show where the idea comes from, i’d have a separate area to show design evolution. maybe the screenshot. then a model. then a final. if mine i would not put the process shot in the gallery in this way.

Ok, now i know what you mean.
i’m seeing more and more things that need work, thanks for the sharp eye!

mmmm, nice site though a bit empty with all that white, i prefer more black

Hey there mr oooooms!

really great products, i love’em all!
the wireframe chairs are my absolute favourites!
I do agree with some other posters about giving a bit more background information on your products.

keep it up!

simple but good website

Very intelligent products, allthough a bit to intelligent to be commercial…
About adding more texts or “blurbs”. Who needs words if the products speak for themselves?