My new site

Hi Guys,

I have nearly finished my new website, and before it goes live officially I thought I would put it up here to see if anyone had any constructive crits:

I still have work to do on the tabs on the left & right, but generally I am really pleased with the simplicity of the site and the way it has come out.

Let me know your thoughts.

Stewie :smiley:

First off, have you tested this in different browsers?

Firefox 2 and Safari 3.1 both display broken rendering.

Also, I don’t understand the spinning splash page? Does it do something? I clicked the link right away.


Thanks for the reply Benny,

Any chance that you know how to solve the problem? I’ve never even used Firefox or Safari so don’t know anything about them at all :frowning:

I’m so sick of this flaming stuff, as fast as you resolve one thing another comes along to smack you in the face… :open_mouth: :smiley:

I looked quickly, and there seems to be a lot going on, divs in table cells. I’m guessing software generated this code for you? You should download firefox, safari, opera for testing. All are free.

I’d start by combining all your css rules into one file for easier editing.

Next, one problem is that padding is ADDED to the width to create the actual size of the div. All your divs are oversized by the padding. This looks like a problem, but it probably not be the only problem.

for example:

#example = {width:100px; padding-left: 25px;}
the div “example” would be 125px wide but you want it 100px

#example = {width:75px; padding-left: 25px;}

what I’m guessing is happening: IE enforces the table size and the divs are “cropped” within the cells. This is actually wrong. The large divs should force the table cells to resize, and that’s what’s happening in firefox, safari.

Also, for reference, lookup “reset css” This will make cross-browsers issues easier to deal with.