My New Project

Hear is a old concept that I did about a year and half ago. I chose to redo the shoe because I felt like this project had potential but things like my proportions, presentation, and drawings were poor, which held the project back. This concept was done before I seen pictures of the real Kobe 2 so any similarites are coincidence Other than the name on the shoe which people have already commented on, how do you guys feel about this project?

:smiley: I remember when you presented this, i was in you classroom and your presentation was dope. :wink:
I really like it, your board was really nice, going in steps and that actually help communicating your work.
I you want to rework it, you should keep the same inspiration and tweak it a little bit. I really want to see how this will turn out to be now since it’s been more than a year ago you did it. :smiley: Bring back memories man. I love Philly!!

No the first presentation sucked. I would post it but I’m too embarrassed about it. But like I said the concept was good but I just wanted to update it with a better presentation. I think it would be hard to redo the shoe because I’ve already seen the ZK2 and ZK3 so I think a redo would be influenced too much by those shoes. I would have to start on a ZK4. But I should try it for the fun of it.

What dont you like about the presentation? If you tell us more we can help :slight_smile:

I might post the old project tomorrow. I just need to build up the courage. I like my current presentation, but the one that I presented in class that was is bad. But hopefully in a year I will look at this a think it sucks also, it shows improvement.

Looks like a decent project to me, curious as to what it looked like before…the only criticism is that it would be cool to see more exploration, more sketches; because you probably did more than 5 sketches before settling on the one you chose. Remember that you are showcasing not only the final design but also your process & ideas, so in general you want to show that you explored a good deal of directions. Good stuff nontheless!

Here is my old project. JB I do have alot more sketches, but I guess I should put more sketches in. I’m working on a portfolio to send to a shoe company for a intership, so I was trying to keep my pages down to like 4 or 5.

Anymore feedback?

The new presentation definitely looks much more professional. I think you have the makings of a great project. If you want to push it further, take some of that criticism and revisit the concept.(the “BRYANT” on the midsole, showing more development sketches, etc.)

Also, I especially love that bottom view on the USA colorway slide. SICK! Good work.