My new ID portfolio is up and I'd love to hear from you all!

Hey guys!

I just recently put up my portfolio website and was wondering if any of you could take a look and let me know what you think! Your opinions, insights and tips are definitely welcome!

I look forward to hearing what the Core77 community has to say!

my link is:

Thanks in advance!


Hey Allan,

First off, really clean looking site with lots of nice white space.

Personally, I would be inclined to simplify the site to 2 pages. ‘Work’ and ‘About me’ (which can include your contact details and some basic resume stuff that you have on there already!) I’m also not too keen on the picture of yourself… it’s a little odd.

Your first ‘Fireline’ project looks professional and the communication of the problem using info-graphics is a good idea. However, I found myself getting lost in the text and info-graphics… there was maybe just too much stuff and it seemed like it took a while before I could see some results and what it was you actually designed.
I’d really simplify the first few stages of the project. What do we really need to know to understand your process and what designed?

Your ceramics projects use photography well and I like how short, sweet and straight to the point they are. Cool sketchy style too.

Good stuff!


Thank you very much for your feedback!

I agree that I could combine more of the content into the ‘About me’ Section, however, I want to leave the resume section up there for easy reference and clear indication.

The amount of information leading up to my project result on the Fireline Air Monitor was definitely a battle, and I totally see what you mean. I will try and bring down the amount of information to really streamline the reading process and “get to the point” in quicker fashion.

Thanks again for the kind words and the advice, it’s always great to hear how others view your work.


Oh, and in regards to the picture… I don’t think odd is necessarily a bad thing! At least it gives a better chance of remembering it :slight_smile:

Nice stuff Allan.

I second what Paul says. Your page layouts work well for a pdf or powerpoint, but I got lost (which made me skim) the text-heavy pages. Try to consolidate that stuff maybe? See how much text you can get away with removing and by using explanatory images. One kid I knew in school had no words at all in his portfolio at one point. =) In the meantime, you could just alter your web format to be slideshow style rather than tablet scrolling.

What if the firefighting product had a more easily used interface (EG audio feedback) or perhaps once of the few non-silly applications of Google Glass type stuff? Maybe some fire-vision enhancing/protective specs with an audio earpiece and on screen display on one of the lenses?

Nice scope and work on your thesis. Other stuff is good as well. The Bodum product feels like it could relate more to the family. The form is a bit too organic, and it’s missing the bumps (seems like that’s a must-have). Perhaps you could re-work it to include those elements without being too copy-paste. Perhaps the bumps go on the clear part and the shape is more conical/cylindrical?

The mask, interior, and Bodum are all good variety. It might be good to add something of a different scale to your portfolio (all but the interior are pretty similar). Something very small, or something between a room and a handheld product?

Keep it up!

@ Cameron

I appreciate your thoughts and the time you took to go through my work.

Seems like the general consensus that I need to shorten the lead up pages to the final product on the fireline project. My original thought was while applying for jobs it would demonstrate the process and thinking behind the solution. And those who were just interested in seeing the final project could quickly skim through or go directly to the product. This is something I’ll have to get into some more though by the sound of it!

I definitely see your point for the Bodum project. It could benefit from a face-lift, especially considering it isn’t one of my latest projects (and served as a solidworks skill building exercise) . So a revamp should definitely be in store.

I’m glad you mentioned I could add something of different scale to the portfolio. I also felt that way, and currently working on a soft good project that I hope can change the dynamic of my portfolio a little bit. Once that is complete I will definitely be looking to produce a more “hand-held” type project to the collection.

Thanks again for the feeback Cameron, that was great!


Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: