My new Domain !!!

This is my new domain

I accept critics, that’s it the only way to be better!!!

See you later!!!

Hi cagninadesign,

Really nice website, I like it a lot.

You might want to fix the link to your ‘word resume’ plus also provide it uncompressed.

invest in a scanner and scan your sketches… not digi photographing them in bad lighting

ver nice

It’s a good thing you’re open to criticism, constructive or otherwise, because you’ll get plenty in your design career, and then some.

I’d hire you in a flash, no pun intended, for web design, your site is gorgeous to die for, and very functional except for some typical (but excusable) quirks designers are falsely convinced make them look more interesting.

Products-wise, from someone with an additional engineering background like you, I would expect solutions, well, much more daring and authentic than what you posted. Mostly “OK” stuff here but it’s not like you turned any existing product categories on their heads, i.e. it’s rather ordinary and pedestrian. No “wows” or “ahs” anywhere. For an industrial designer in 2005 this spells trouble ahead. Engineers do not have to be constantly creative to make a good living. With us, that’s different. There’s precious few out there intelligently challenging the status quo apart from us.

To sum up, your packaging is exquisite and in itself top-level graphic design but if you sell yourself as a designer of physical products, I’m only interested in the contents and, in my opinion, you should seriously re-evaluate your skill set, personal marketing and career goals.

Competition for jobs and contracts is very intense in this field and growing more so, you might as well hear it as it is.