My New D.Wade footwear design

Hi, i just want to share with you my design for D. Wade Converse 07
Hope you gonna like it.


You’ve been working hard. This is a huge leap forward from your last work. Nice job.

I would love to know more about it, see some deveolpment sketches, and inspirationons / functional thoughts before I give feedback.

Good work dude!

I must say dude, those look incredible. Like Yo though, I can’t really tell much about the shoe from what I’m looking at. But just from first impressions, those are crazy!!

Here is the skecthes that i made,I didn’t do many, just 2 and a final marker rendering to get the idea about how the shoe is going to look like.


I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. You have done an excellent job of carrying the theme throughout the entire shoe without going to far; a very cohesive design. Would love to see some 3/4 views though

Nice, clear design process & great Illustration
I love them, were can i get a pair

Fantastic illustration dude.

Thats serious! Good job!

My only points would be that the way the black is rendered, it almost looks like there is a pattern break where the highlight is.

Also, the colar line is beautiful, but not functional. The height in the heel is far up it would probably irritate, the top of the eyestay is so low that it would be difficult to get a good lock down.

I hesitated to post this up because I wasn’t sure if you had some functional thought behind the heights.

2 things that are easily corrected. This doesn’t take away anything from the fact that this is very well done. Good job.