My Museum 1+1 creativity contest

Hi to all,

just to inform about Inexhibit museum magazine new creativity competition my-Museum | 1+1 | online contest (tell your favourite museum in one image and one phrase)
We are looking for the “perfect combination” of an image and a sentence capable together to depict the museum that you like most. The My-Museum |1+1| is an online contest is open to graphic designers, creative people, poets, writers, photographers, architects, designers, students, artists, art enthusiasts and passionate travellers. The winner will be selected through our users’ rating.

Entrance to the contest is free. (no entry fee whatsoever)
The contest’s winner will receive a money prize of 400,00 USD.

What to submit
An image (a photo, a drawing, a graphic composition) inspired to the selected subject (museum or exhibition gallery) and a text of no more than 300 characters.

For full details go to Inexhibit museum magazine homepage at and (indifferently) click on the “incontest” button or on the My Museum 1+1 logo on the right sidebar

Good luck!