My Moleskine

Hi Everyone,

I recently just started a new moleskine and thought I’d post my daily sketches on this forum for your viewing. The sketches are basically ideation done under 30 minutes while I drink my morning coffee. Enjoy!

Really nice line weights and just the right amount of detail. fineliner?

love it!

Thanks. Its a papermate flair, medium weight, more of a felt pen.

Thanks. I’m beginning to ditch digital and go analog. Sketching digitally can kill the sketching skills when you learn so many tricks on the computer. Also trying to save my eyes.

More posts to come!

Sketching analog is also a more portable and social act… though maybe once I get an iPad, those things will translate…

but having the ability to doodle over one another’s thoughts, pin up and share, is awesome.

Today’s Moleskine sketch. Trying to get better with gel and ballpoint pen…


Nice stuff William,

My only suggestion is to try out some different formal languages. Right not everything kinda has the same roundy, convex, elliptical based, kinda cartoony shape. Try something with cylinders, or planes or angles, just to mix it up a bit.


I’ve been doing taxes and building a website sorry for the delay…

Nice linework. Everything still looks very similar however. As a sketch exercise it is nice, but in showing design skill, the more I see the more I dislike as is all in one style…