My Mercedes shoe

Hey , my friends ! This one here is the shoe I made for the KG contest this month . I would like to hear your oppinion about it . Thanks !


Ventsislav Nikolov[/img]

very cool vents, the shape is killing the idea a liitle bit, but this is the cleanest presentation from you i have seen. if the shape was more on point it would be hot…

very cool rendering, though the font is very small, can’t read it.

Definitly looks like an adidas shoe. Your design seems to be a continuation of what they were going toward with the Kobe line. But like the Kobe 2, it doesn,t look breathable. Not sure if it would really be functional, but the idea and rendering are good

cool idea, but the form and proportion throw it for me. Also the rendering could use some more contrast.

The inner shoe is HOT though. I really like that thing.

With this and PF’s seagull, this month is gonna be something else/ I’ll be checking in w/ this month for sure.

Good concept Vent!

I like the way you presented it, but the fact I can’t read the description makes a little hard to understand the functionality in full details.
I also agree with Yo that a little more contrast could help the rendering to really come out of the screen.

On the functionality, how you prevent the inner shoe to slide/move within the outer layer? I imagine just similar to nike morph 3M special fabrics.
And what about the sizing (outer layer is larger than inner shoe/sock which will be employed only for basketball use)?

The style of the shoe is very cool too, I like those sharp edges!!!


dope presentation. :slight_smile:

cool~~ I like the designs of shoes very much
I’m looking forward to