just finished my LITTLE LUCAS


looks like the IT guy at my office. no joke…

nice model though man… what did you paint with?

haa…really… i think your IT guy is very cool… I never paint… i spray it.

right, so did you use spray-can stuff or airbrush colors?
finishing has aways been the toughest part of madelmaking for me. i like to try to pick up info wherever i can, and your finish looks prety good (which im sure has as much to do with the the amount of sanding you did on your casting patern as the paint process) just curious which roducts you used.

ya … of course…lots of sanding…i use spray-can for the colors…the hair…i drill it one by one then plant it one by one.

awesome, love it.

Looks very cool. Nice done.

Nice! Is this a one-off or a prototype for a run of these guys?

BTW I checked out your website - very nice. I’ll keep checking back - always looking for inspiration stuff.

nice! like the use of yarn for the hair and textile scarf to soften the look of what is often too slick and hard in typical vinyl toys. gives a nice almost vintage/crafty feel too it while still retaining a street edge/attitude in the facial expression and pose.

how big is it?