My Lebron James for kicksguide

Here’s my submission for kicksguide…Lebron James soldier 3.
All coments are welcome…thank u

Lebron James 3 featuring A.S.C. system

Lebron James 3 colorways

I think you have done a great job thinking about this and doing the rendering…I have a few suggestions.

  1. I think you have too many messages here. The shoe overall looks too busy and def looks like there are many pieces. I would maybe try to simplify. If that collar tech is your main message…play it up by de-emphasizing the rest a bit.
  2. With the collar tech, I think these things can end up being a little superfluous and or gimmickie. So I was thinking maybe you could show some options for that. This one looks maybe a little on the intricate/technical side (nothing wrong with that) …what would a more simple version of it be that maybe relied on elasticity of material or simplifying a bit.

just some ideas…great stuff!

Busy Busy Busy!

This design does look almost overwhelmingly busy… but strangely I really like it!

I wonder what the 3/4 view looks like …any sketches?

I think it would Make a great kids shoe!..jnr Lebron?


Hi guys n’ thanks for the comments…
Actually i have to say that less is more sometimes(if not most of the times)but this project took me step by step to a busy of lines design maybe because of the collar tech n technical part of it…Maybe less lines n parts on the shoe would give a more lightweight n flexible aesthetic…
To be honest i didn’t had much time for extra views n’ options to give a more unterstandable view of the collar tech n shoe in general but i 'll try to do it soon…
Thanks again guys…really appriciated.

think dominant-subdominant-subordinate… right now it looks like dominant dominant dominant

Nice renderings. As stated before though, it seems very rock solid tough, turtleshell xmen danger-roomish. With no colors or textures you could imagine it being made of steel.