My Lebron 3.5 prelim...

well, i still have a few days before the deadline and so i decided i would post what i do have, in hopes of improving. any criticism is welcome. thanks for looking =)

in terms of specs of the shoe and inpiration, here’s what went through my mind during the process…

when designing the Lebron 3.5, i harkened back to previous point-five designs and saw that for the most part, the concept was done for a few reasons.
for one, it was to improve the luxurious aesthetic of the shoe. for example, in terms of a jordan, which is already supposed to be at the high end of the sneaker spectrum, this means adding little details like chrome, a softer material like suede, tumbled leather, patent leather, or even some laser etching.
secondly, it was meant to make the design more sleek, where they added a few little details, they also took away from the form in terms of the number of panels used in the upper, the amount of branding and other things. it sometimes went as far as to lower the cut of the shoe.
with that in mind, here’s the end result, my vision of the Lebron 3.5

i took away the mesh panels in the upper and replaced it with an entirely tumbled leather upper (as seen on the AJ 17). I kept the “straps” and decided that a touch of laser etching on them would add to the premium feel. keeping with the premium feel, gold-colored eyestays were implemented.
i kept mesh for the tongue, achilles and also used it for the toe panel, which also got the patent leather treatment (ala the 11, 16 and 19).
i turned the little rubber heel piece into a fully functional plastic heel counter to provide support and keep the “shiny material” theme going all around the shoe.
I kept the midsole and cushioning system just so that people would be able to determine where the Lebron 3.5 draws its roots from(pun intended).

once again, thanks for looking.

Actually the point 5 concept is to combine to iconic designs together (from the Jordan Perspective anyway) The 1.5 was part AJI, part AJII, mixed together with modern construction and iconic Jordan design. Not sure where this .5 contest relates or if they understand what it means…

But anyway, to your design. First, thanks for posting it. It’s good to see some of your thinking sketches in the background, though the colors fight a bit with the main image. Remember, your supporting views are Supporting. You don’t want a supporting actor to steal the movie from the star.

Design wise, this is a bit in the K-Swiss zone, also functionally, all of the metal can be dangerous on court.

From a technique standpoint, the line work is very thick, which is flattening the sketch out and making it look more cartoony. Try using a finer drawing tool, or drawing bigger. Also look into “sweetening” those lines up. Drawing it more in an idealic state. Basicly the shoe equivalent of how car designers draw. The wheels are bigger, the tires lower. Do the same here, exagerate the toe spring a touch, rebound the heel shape a bit and give it a forward rake… Also look into simplifying the rendering style. One core shadow line should run through all of the parts.

Keep it up dude, not bad. Keep working it.

thank you sir! i appreciate the time you took to type a comment and help me out. i shall take that advice and get right to redesigning.

btw, THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, PEOPLE! THAT’S that kind of advice, comments and feedback that help people grow! from the mouths of professionals shall true knowledge come from.

i’d just like to add couple of things to what Yo already wrote.
first giva a reason to .5
your concept is too close to the LB III … this stripes theme
I’d guess .5 has to bring something more or deliver something less… your choice.
your 4 stripes are also adidas suit risky, they have a property on stripes from 2 to 5… you could fight them saying these are functional but still it’s risky and the consumer might be confused.
keep the outsole from the LB III and work the upper, this makes sense for the .5
and would avoid spending money for new molds…
i like your sketches on the background, love the cleaner concepts.